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Is a crowd able to overperform trading experts ?

People usually think that designing a systematic trading strategy involves only experts and requires a deep understanding of market’s shape, algorithmic and a strong computing power.

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What is the technology behind ?

Krabott is based on human computation, and genetic algorithms theory. It is a hybrid approach of Machine Learning where humans are involved in very specific steps of the algorithm.

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Is it real ? Is it free ?

All results in Krabott are 100% simulated but based on real data and computed in real time. This means that you can expect quite the same results when trading in real condition. Krabott takes into account a notional cost for each trade (for example each trade EURUSD costs 2 pips).

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First Expert from Productus familly produced by automated machine learning process

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Krabott from Pagurus family

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Krabott from Johngarthi family

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